Key Clamp Safety Gate

Key Clamp Safety Gate




Key Clamp Safety Gate

Introducing our Key Clamp Safety Gate – an affordable, effective, and easy-to-use industry standard solution for gating a safety barrier.

Crafted from durable 42mm Galvanised pipe and fittings, this kit includes all the necessary parts, along with an Allen key for easy assembly and a secure fit. Choose the desired overall gate length and the finish needed for a customised solution.

Due to the galvanisation process, this barrier is ideal for outdoor use, these rails are specifically designed to withstand various weather conditions.

The pipe diameter of 42.4mm  and a total gate height of 550mm 800mm or 1000mm. This height is fully customisable for added flexibility.

With a multitude of applications, our Safety Barrier Kit is the perfect choice for any setting. Whether it be for use on a construction site or any public spaces, this solution is sure to provide a high level of quality and safety.



Please visit our 42mm galvanised key clamp section if you require any specific fittings.

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