Category: Grooved Pipe Fittings

We offer a wide range of grooved pipe fitting solutions, limited to but not including;

– Red grooved pipe fittings
– Galvanised grooved pipe fittings

Our grooved pipe fittings are specifically designed for grooved pipe systems and conform to standardised steel pipe outside diameters and measurements.

To find our range of galvanised and red oxide pipe to go with our grooved pipe fittings please click here.

If you need advice on which fittings you need or want to send us a drawing please contact us on or 0121 828 4048

Grooved pipe fittings are used in the fire protection industry and allow for a faster installation time and eliminates the need for hot works with the associated risks.

Technical information:

Material: Main body – galvanised or red

Sizes available from 1″/DN25mm/33.7mm OD up to 12″/DN300mm/323.90mm OD

Best Suited for use with steel tube to BS EN 10255 and BS1387

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