Key Clamp Safety Barrier Kit

Key Clamp Safety Barrier Kit




Key Clamp Safety Barrier Kit

Introducing our Key Clamp Safety Barrier Kit – an affordable, effective, and easy-to-use industry standard solution for securing a safety barrier.

Crafted from durable Galvanised pipe and fittings, this kit includes all the necessary bolts for base plates, along with an allen key for easy assembly and a secure fit. Choose the desired overall rail length and the number of uprights needed for a customised solution.

Due to the galvanisation process, this barrier is ideal for outdoor use, these rails are specifically designed to withstand various weather conditions.

The pipe diameter with the upright poles measuring 100cm, result in a total rail height of approximately 110cm. This height is fully customisable for added flexibility.

With a multitude of applications, our Safety Barrier Kit is the perfect choice for any setting. Whether it be for use on a construction site or any public spaces, this solution is sure to provide a high level of quality and safety.


Number of uprights based off what length you order:

100cm: 2

160cm: 2

200cm: 3

250cm: 3

320cm: 3

480cm: 4

640cm: 5


Please note, the safety yellow option comes with yellow pipe and galvanised silver fittings.

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