Curved Lip Shelf Brackets | Powder Coated Style (Pair)

Curved Lip Shelf Brackets | Powder Coated Style (Pair)




Powder Coated Curved Lip Brackets (Pair)

With the design creating a minimalistic look, these powder coated curved lip brackets (pair) offer an elegant way of securing your shelves.

Handcrafted in a traditional ironwork way, each piece has its own unique markings adding to its rustic character.

Through their skilled creation, we do not take away from the raw irons' natural strength. Making them perfect for any home or commercial setting,

We spray a protective lacquer coating on our metal products for added durability.

Combine these brackets with some of our handcrafted reclaimed timber, creating a beautiful bespoke shelf for any room in the home.


Powder coating your item takes approximately 5-10 working days. Once complete, we will deliver it to you based on your chosen delivery option. Please note that due to the nature of powder coating, we are unable to cancel orders once they have been placed.

*Images shown are of the "Black" colour option.

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